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SAGL Ring Tests

SAGL offers different Ring Tests on National level as well as international level.  Kindly find the attached for more information on the Ring tests offered by the SAGL.

The number of participants per Ring Test varies, as an example: For the Wheat and Flour Ring test approximately 25 Labs participate regularly.

The SAGL Ring Test Process is as follows:

  • Specific action dates are scheduled for different Ring tests and the frequencies are indicated in the attached Ring Tests Summary.
  • Participant receives a quotation at the beginning of the applicable month from SAGL for the specific Ring Test.
  • The participant forwards the order number to the SAGL for invoicing purposes.
  • SAGL couriers the samples to the participants according to the SAGL’s Ring test year planner.
  • Participant receives a result sheet included in the sample consignment for reporting of results.
  • Participant has approximately 1 month to report results; the reporting date is indicated on the result sheet.
  • Participant forwards results reported on the result sheet provided, to SAGL by email.The SAGL compiles a Test Report with the results of all the participants, the participants are however only identified by SAGL assigned numbers to ensure confidentiality.  SAGL forwards the report by email to all participants. Each participant receives only their own Laboratory number in a separate email from the SAGL.

If your company is interested to participate in one or more of these ring tests, please complete the attached participant application form and email it to me. Please note, it is recommended but not necessary to participate in all 4 or 6 tests/year.

You are welcome to contact me if you require more information.

Kind Regards,

Paulina Modiba