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Milling laboratories:

SAGL has a range of different mills as specified in international published methodology we follow.

Wheat Mill Maize Mill


We have qualified wheat and maize graders. Grading is also done on sunflower and soya beans.


In our chemical laboratories we do analysis such as protein, moisture, ash, dietary fibre, crude fibre, carbohydrates, energy value, diastatic activity, damaged starch, falling number, fat, starch content, screening tests for five different mycotoxins as well as GM analysis. (See list “type of analysis”).

Falling Number analysis Fat analysis
Chemical laboratory Ash analysis


We do farinogram, alveogram, consistogram, extensogram, mixogram and gluten analyses.

Rheology laboratory Baking laboratory


SAGL have a 100g baking and a commercial baking laboratory.




Vitamin and minerals:

The SAGL offer a range of different vitamin analyses (HPLC), the whole range of amino-acids (HPLC) and also mineral analyses (AA).

HPLC laboratory  


SAGL offers a multi-mycotoxin method including 10 toxins on UPLC-MSMS. Melamine, Free and Protein Bound Amino acid profiles and Sodium analyses can also be performed.

Crop Protection Division:

 For full details please go to the Crop Protection Division tab 

For SAGL's full scope of analyses please refer to "Services" and "Type of analyses".